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I grew up in New York in a large, close family with four siblings. Sunday family dinners were the highlight of the week. My mom is an amazing cook, and has passed that down to all of us. Sunday allows each of us to catch up and connect. It is always fun, happy and filled with delicious food! I can't wait until our child can join in the Sunday dinners!


I am someone who loves to meet new people and learn new things.

I have always been interested in both music and art, and currently I am learning to play the piano. I also love to write poetry.


I strongly believe in volunteering, and have been doing so for many, many years. I currently volunteer with a local food rescue bank on Long Island. I look forward to raising our child with the sense of service and giving back.


Rich and I are extremely grateful to have met and fallen in love. I also fell in love with his daughter, my stepdaughter now. It was beautiful to see how this man was a daddy to a little baby girl. I gained so much respect for him, and she became my child for that was the commitment I made. She and I have a special bond, as she reminded me life is truly simple because family is really the only priority. I can't wait to experience loving and nurturing a baby with Rich. His passion for his family, and the love for his daughter, is why I hope he becomes a dad again. We have so much love to share with a little one…




I grew up in the suburbs of NY as a typical, American boy, who loved playing football, lacrosse and wrestling. I was my HS football captain and played college football. I am also an avid skier and golf player, and have been for many years. The friendships that I created growing up playing sports have become lifelong friends, and our families spend time together.

My parents had their own business which taught me and my siblings how important is it to work hard and share your good fortune with your family. I was brought up with old school values that honor those traditions with my family.


I love cooking! Especially for my mom, using either her own, or my grandmother’s recipes.

We can't wait to add another seat at our dinner table to taste my home cooked meals! Melissa and I love spending time together, and cooking together.

We are ready to add another child to our family, as we have already raised a child together. Melissa fell in love with both myself and my daughter. I had seen Melissa’s kind, gentle and compassionate way she was to my child, and I know Melissa will be an incredible mom to a baby.

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